verb (sets, setting; past and past participle set)
1》 put, lay, or stand (something) in a specified place or position.
    ↘(be set) be situated in a specified place or position.
    ↘represent (a story) as happening at a specified time or in a specified place.
    ↘mount a precious stone in (a piece of jewellery).
    ↘Printing arrange (type or text) as required.
    ↘prepare (a table) for a meal by placing cutlery, crockery, etc., on it.
    ↘(set something to) add (music) to a written work.
    ↘Sailing put (a sail) up in position to catch the wind.
2》 put, bring, or place into a specified state: the hostages were set free.
    ↘instruct (someone) to do something.
    ↘give someone (a task): the problem we have been set.
    ↘establish as (an example or record).
    ↘decide on or fix (a time, value, or limit).
3》 adjust (a device) as required.
4》 harden into a solid, semi-solid, or fixed state.
    ↘arrange (damp hair) into the required style.
    ↘put (a broken or dislocated bone or limb) into the correct position for healing.
    ↘(of a hunting dog) adopt a rigid attitude indicating the presence of game.
5》 (of the sun, moon, etc.) appear to move towards and below the earth's horizon as the earth rotates.
6》 (of a tide or current) take or have a specified direction or course.
7》 chiefly N. Amer. start (a fire).
8》 (of blossom or a tree) form into or produce (fruit).
9》 informal or dialect sit.
10》 (of a dancer) acknowledge one's partner using the steps prescribed.
set one's heart (or hopes) on have a strong desire for or to do.
set out one's stall display or show off one's abilities or attributes.
set sail hoist the sails of a boat.
↘begin a voyage.
set one's teeth clench one's teeth together.
↘become resolute.
set the wheels in motion begin a process or put a plan into action.
Phrasal verbs
set about
1》 start doing something with vigour or determination.
2》 Brit. informal attack (someone).
set someone against cause someone to be in opposition or conflict with.
set something (off) against offset something against.
set someone apart give someone an air of unusual superiority.
set something apart separate something and keep it for a special purpose.
set something aside
1》 save or keep something for a particular purpose.
    ↘remove land from agricultural production.
2》 annul a legal decision or order.
set someone/thing back
1》 delay or impede the progress of someone or something.
2》 informal cost someone a particular amount of money.
set something by save something for future use.
set someone down Brit. stop and allow someone to alight from a vehicle.
set something down record something in writing or as an authoritative rule or principle.
set forth begin a journey or trip.
set something forth state or describe something in writing or speech.
set forward archaic start on a journey.
set in (of something unwelcome) begin and seem likely to continue.
set something in insert something, especially a sleeve, into a garment.
set off begin a journey.
set something off
1》 cause a bomb or alarm to go off.
2》 serve as decorative embellishment to.
set on (or upon) attack (someone) violently.
set someone/thing on (or upon) cause or urge a person or animal to attack.
set out
1》 begin a journey.
2》 aim or intend to do something.
set something out arrange or display something in a particular order or position.
set to begin doing something vigorously.
set someone up
1》 establish someone in a particular capacity or role.
2》 informal restore or enhance the health of someone.
3》 informal make an innocent person appear guilty of something.
set something up
1》 place or erect something in position.
2》 establish a business, institution, etc.
3》 begin making a loud sound.
OE settan, of Gmc origin; related to sit.
1》 a group or collection of things belonging or used together or resembling one another.
    ↘a group of people with common interests or occupations: the literary set.
    ↘Brit. a group of pupils or students of the same average ability in a subject who are taught together.
    ↘(in tennis, darts, and other games) a group of games counting as a unit towards a match.
    ↘(in jazz or popular music) a sequence of songs or pieces constituting or forming part of a live show or recording.
    ↘a group of people making up the required number for a country dance.
    ↘Mathematics & Logic a collection of distinct entities regarded as a unit, being either individually specified or (more usually) satisfying specified conditions.
2》 the way in which something is set, disposed, or positioned.
    ↘(also dead set) a hunting dog's act of indicating the presence of game.
    ↘a warp or bend in wood, metal, etc., caused by continued strain or pressure.
3》 a radio or television receiver.
4》 a collection of scenery, stage furniture, etc., used for a scene in a play or film.
5》 a cutting, young plant, or bulb used in the propagation of new plants.
    ↘a young fruit that has just formed.
6》 the last coat of plaster on a wall.
7》 Printing the width of letters in a particular typeface.
    ↘the width of a piece of type.
8》 variant spelling of sett.
9》 Snooker another term for plant (in sense 4).
10》 Austral./NZ informal a grudge.
verb (sets, setting, setted) Brit. group (pupils or students) in sets.
make a dead set at Brit. make a determined attempt to win the affections of. [by assoc. with hunting (see dead set above).]
ME: partly from OFr. sette, from L. secta 'sect', partly from set1.
1》 fixed or arranged in advance.
    ↘(of a restaurant menu) offered at a fixed price with a limited choice of dishes.
    ↘(of a book) prescribed for study.
    ↘having a conventional or predetermined wording; formulaic.
2》 firmly fixed and unchanging.
3》 ready, prepared, or likely to do something: we're all set for tonight!
    ↘(set against) firmly opposed to.
    ↘(set on) determined to do.
OE, past participle of set1.

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